Trend Forward with Wall Art

Fresh! A word we here at Orange Circle Studio take very seriously. Our goal is to always be trending forward. What is essential to us in making that happen is continued innovation, fashion meets function, and art & soul. Design is entralling, something we live and breathe.

As I was working in the office today, I thought to myself that I did not have quite enough going on around me in terms of design. I spend the majoring of my time in my workplace (like most of us), and quite frankly I found myself bored with it. It bothered me to the extent that I nearly jumped of my chair and began on a search for more art. By the end of the day,  my cubicle was decked out with 5 calendars and 3 posters, yet it still was not enough.

After exhausting my resources here, I remembered something I had come across once at an art show: vinyl wall decals.  They are perfect for making lively an otherwise arid space, whether it be work, home, your laptop, etc. After browsing through etsy, here were some of my favorite finds:

Alien Robots: (great for kids)


Pin-Up Girl:

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